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Student Affairs and Faculty Collaboration

by Laurent Troland, Recruitment Coordinator – Career Services On Tuesday, February 15th, about 12 staff members gathered to discuss Faculty and Student Affairs Collaborations in an open group discussion.  During this discussion, two major themes emerged: Cooperation vs. Collaboration: The … Continue reading

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A Map to Student Learning

In a recent Staff Development session Cathy Holbrook, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, introduced the idea of Mapping Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes. During the presentation, we were encouraged to sit with our department in order to work on … Continue reading

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NASPA/ACPA Consolidation Concerns

by Lisa Forest, Coordinator – GLBTA Pride Center Initially, I was in favor of the proposed NASPA/ACPA consolidation. Pooling our collective resources seemed a far more efficient and effective strategy through which to advocate for the student affairs profession than … Continue reading

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Time, Space and Tools for Productivity

by Rita Roy, Technical Assistant, RCC Auditorium/Campus Center Office Tricks are described by the author as actions we take to remind ourselves of important details at just the key moments. An example was leaving on note with your car keys … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Kitchen: Five Phases of Planning

by Rita Roy, Technical Assistant – RCC Auditorium/Campus Center Office Stress-free productivity can not be achieved without understanding “why” you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. This is the first step in his Natural Planning Model. Outcome Visioning; … Continue reading

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Social Media Trends

by Amanda Surgens, Resident Director I’m pretty hip… I have a myspace. Wait, myspace isn’t hip anymore? I can’t keep up with this online stuff – it’s too complicated and there’s way too much to try to do and still … Continue reading

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Getting into the “Zone”

by Dan McHugh, Director of Conference and Event Services This post is first in a series of reflections through a common reading program with the Campus Center, Conference and Events, and Student Involvement and Leadership staff.  The book chosen is … Continue reading

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