Time, Space and Tools for Productivity

by Rita Roy, Technical Assistant, RCC Auditorium/Campus Center Office

Tricks are described by the author as actions we take to remind ourselves of important details at just the key moments. An example was leaving on note with your car keys of what you need to remember to take with you in the morning. The red ribbon around the finger is outdated and too vague to practical use anymore. The best tricks are usually copied or adapted. Some tricks shared by our group included; emailing yourself a reminder, color coding stuff (like green for action stuff, yellow for waiting on something, and red for stopping or stuck items), post-it notes on your desktop reminding you to bring home the leftover chowder in the office fridge.

Trick-out your workspace. We all need personal space when we want to think. Well, the author goes further and explains that we also need an effective desk/office space to work. Besides the obvious paper and pencils, everyone has desk/office needs that must be met in order to maximum potential to be had. Work space must be well-labeled and kept clear for best results. As per our discussion, labeling is a personal topic. However, we agree that, as long as things are neat and clear, we can label anyway we want. Pile making should be avoided.

No matter whether you are student or faculty/staff, productivity is helped by the right time, space and tools.  What are your best productivity secrets?

Trick-out your work time. When it’s time to buckle down and concentrate, nothing beats an office door that can be closed. An open-door policy can still be maintained when knocking is welcome for more business. The closed door does send the message to “Jane Doe” who just wants to pop in and tell you about the cute thing her cat did last night. She WILL come back later and you WILL have to hear about “Fuzzy” but right now you’re in the zone, and “Fuzzy” can wait.

Whether you are a college student or faculty/staff type, productivity is best with the right time, space and tools.  What are your secrets for your best productivity?

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