The Sustainability Committee presents…the Bear Feet Challenge!

by Beth Goad, Assistant Director – Rondileau Campus Center

The Sustainability Committee for the Division of Student Affairs invites you to join the “Bear Feet Challenge” for 2011-12. The Sustainability Committee distributed walking pedometers to all departmental offices in Student Affairs in December.  We were unable to purchase enough pedometers for everyone to have their own, so they need to be shared among staff in your office. It’s our hope that staff from each department will utilize these pedometers during office hours on campus and feel free to allow student employees to wear them when running errands for your department. If you have your own pedometer, we encourage you to wear that.

The point of the program is to encourage staff members to get more exercise on a daily basis and avoid driving to/from meetings on campus. The “Bear Feet Challenge” will run from January 18 to April 30, 2012 (from the first to last day of Spring Classes).

To make this a friendly competition we would like to record usage totals for each department. Since the staff size of each department varies we will determine which department has the highest average to determine our winner. Please submit bi-weekly totals to Mike Storey via email or desktop fax (see contact info below). We may even have an “Office of the Week” for the office with the highest use that week.

A prize will be given to the winning department at the end of the competition. That prize and “bragging rights” at all future Student Affairs meetings should be enough to get your staff on board and participating to the fullest. Good luck to all and here’s the a healthy and sustainable 2012!

If you have any questions about the prog contact Beth Goad (x1275 and, Sustainability Committee Chairperson.  Bi-weekly totals can be sent to Mike Storey via email at or by desktop fax x1356. Thank you in advance for your participation!

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