BSU Information Technology: Directions for the Future

On January 19th the first Student Affairs Staff Development Session of the year was held at noontime in ECC 113. Eric LePage, Acting Associate Vice President for Information Technology(IT) shared information about future directions regarding IT at BSU. Information technology staff members are working on various projects to assist University student and staff efforts.  The following topics were offered as directions for the future:

1. Mobile Strategy

◦With the growing use of mobile devices used by members of the BSU community, IT will be addressing the campus mobile needs over the next three years. As an example, one area of review could be the development of a mobile “app”lication for easy mobile access to portal resources

2. Social Media Strategy

◦Currently, several university departments are using social media to communicate with a variety of internal and external communities. IT is looking at expanding opportunities for this type of usage, such as reviewing the possibility of social media access within the student portal.

3. Information Strategy

◦IT is working on consolidating data that is collected by various university constituencies so that the information can be analyzed more easily to assist in decision making and future planning.

4. Operational Portfolio of Services

◦IT has a significant number of products and services available to the campus, however not everyone is aware of all the available resources.  IT is working to raise awareness of the availability of these products and services and support new users.

5. Extranet/Intranet

◦IT is developing a new outward facing website for the general public (Extranet) and an internal website for the campus community ( Intranet) that will be accessible by BSU login and allow access to resources according to the needs and roles of the user.

6. Event Management System

◦IT is working on a new unified database that will combine events management and classroom scheduling and allow better management of campus resources including, in later phases, computer access to environmental and security controls (e.g. remote/scheduled room temperature adjustments and locking/unlocking of room doors).

7. Project Portfolio Management

◦IT will be using a new web-based solution to help manage the requesting, approval, updating, and overall management of IT campus projects. 


◦The campus will be transitioning from BlackBoard, the current learning management system, to Moodle for Fall of 2013.  Announcements to come soon.   

9. Residence Hall Technology enhancements

◦In response to feedback from student groups, new LCD screen TVs, Blu-ray players, and a new wireless gaming network are all being installed in campus residence halls. There is continued discussion and investigation of installing printers for community use in the halls.

The Student Affairs Staff Development schedule for the remainder of the semester will be sent out this week and will offer a wide variety of topics for your staff development.  We hope to see you at some of the sessions this semester.

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