BSU Mens Leadership Retreat (via Storify)

  1. Preparations for the Men’s Leadership Retreat started back in November of 2011, where Cindy Kane, the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership called a few of us together to talk about the idea and how to best to pull it all together.  After over four months of meetings, hundreds of emails, and many Strengths Quest revelations… the weekend was upon us!
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    Final preparations for the Men’s Leadership Retreat all afternoon! So excited for this new step forward for #BSULife and #BSULeads!

    Fri, Mar 30 2012 12:35:52
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    Prepping for tomorrow’s first #bsulife Men’s Student Leadership overnight Retreat. Follow #bsuleads for notes, convo, & general goodness!

    Fri, Mar 30 2012 16:15:01
  4. We asked the students to meet us at the Rondileau Campus Center at 7:30am and hop on the bus where it would take them to our Retreat Location!
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    On the bus to go to the Mens Leadership Retreat! #bsulife

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 07:57:06
  6. As the facilitators arrived, excitement grew….
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    Hope you all have a gr8 time!RT @EdCabellon: #BSUleads Men’s Leadership Retreat 🙂 #bsulife (@ Camp Wingate – Kirkland)

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 10:39:22
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    High Fives to the men who are off to the #BSULife Men’s Leadership Retreat today! A little rain won’t stop the #BSULeads magic!

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 08:03:44
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    Wishing @androolahson, Neil, and the rest of the men attending the leadership retreat an incredible time! #BSULeads

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 12:00:41
  10. Once we found our cabins and our main space, we started off the day with some icebreakers, teambuilders and a conversation on our Strengths, that everyone took prior to the weekend.
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    After some great opening activities, @mattmiller62 leads our students in a #Strengths activity/convo! #BSUleads

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 11:43:38
  12. The men, on very little sleep, were engaged from the beginning, contributing at high levels and challenging each other on their thought processes.
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    #bsuleads continues w/ afternoon group work and conversations on leadership styles, group roles, & conflict!

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 15:46:59
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    learning a lot about myself and others at the men’s leadership retreat #bsuleads #bsulife

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 18:07:03
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    @androolahson Happy to read things are going great! See you all tomorrow! #bsuleads #bsulife

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 18:21:26
  16. After an afternoon of education on “Role Modeling” and “Leading Groups”, the men had some recreation time, dinner and got right back to it for an evening of education on “Managing Conflict” and “Diversity and Privilege”….
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    The level of deep conversation these men are having at 8:50pm after being up since 7:30am is impressive … and inspiring. #bsuleads

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 20:51:10
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    Using a few @wwydabc clips to spur meaningful leadership convo w our student leaders. Thanks @johnqabc for your work on these! #BSUleads

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 21:28:25
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    Gr8ful to @mattmiller62, @JustinBMcCauley, @EdCabellon, @DrMichaelKocet and the rest of the #BSUleads facilitators on the Men’s Retreat!

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 21:44:06
  20. We ended our first day by having the students build a campfire, even though it had rained for most of the day!
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    Building a Campfire = best teambuilding activity ever 🙂 #bsuleads

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 22:30:24
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    Campfire has reached Smores level 🙂 well done gents! #BSUleads #noms

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 22:55:52
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    Long, productive day at the Men’s Leadership Retreat. Having a blast now it’s time for bed. #bsuleads #bsulife

    Sat, Mar 31 2012 23:27:42
  24. After night of sleeping in “cool” cabins, we got up early and started our second day at Camp with a great breakfast and conversation!
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    Last day of the #bsuleads Men’s Leadership Retreat. Everyone is in great spirits and ready to close w/ a strong action plan! #bsulife

    Sun, Apr 01 2012 09:05:01
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    Getting ready to leave to join the #BSULeads closing session at the Men’s Leadership Retreat. Can’t wait to reconnect with them!! #BSUlife

    Sun, Apr 01 2012 09:37:33
  27. The morning consisted of education on “Male Identity”, “Building Community”, & “Leading Change”.  Again, the conversation was rich and engaging.  We even had time to take a quick picture of the 36 amazing men who joined us.
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    #BSUleads 🙂 #bsulife

    Sun, Apr 01 2012 10:35:34
  29. We hosted six special guests join us for lunch: Dave Ostroth, VP for Student Affairs; Fred Clark, Executive VP for External Affairs; Pat Cronin, Chief Information Officer; Howard London, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs; Mike Gomes, VP for Administration and Finance, and of course, Cindy Kane, Director of Student Involvement & Leadership.  It was wonderful to have them there as we closed out the weekend and see first hand the energy from all our students.
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    Closing time for the #BSUleads Men’s Leadership Retreat. Thanks to our Cabinet Members for joining for lunch & our action convo! #bsulife

    Sun, Apr 01 2012 13:10:34
  31. Closing discussions featured much reflection and emphasis on what was learned at the retreat. A focus on action and progress toward change unified the group and a great deal of positive reflection was shared upon our return to #BSULife.
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    ending a great and inspirational weekend. way to go bsu men! #bsuleads #bsulife

    Sun, Apr 01 2012 15:07:01
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    Whew. Insanely proud of what was accomplished with the #bsulife Men’s Leadership Retreat. Blog posts to come! #bsuleads

    Sun, Apr 01 2012 17:27:09
  34. Overall it was an extremely successful weekend with many students still remaining connected and planning on what next steps they are taking to actualize what they learned over the weekend.  Many thoughts and ideas were shared and many photos were taken, but one consistent thought was tweeted today:
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    missing everyone from the men’s leadership retreat. still haven’t gotten over how amazing the weekend was! #bsuleads #bsulife

    Wed, Apr 04 2012 00:18:52

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