From Combat to Campus

by Jane Doyon, Children’s Center

Dr. Arthur Jewett, of the Veteran Affairs office, presented a professional development workshop to members of the Student Affairs division titled Combat to Campus on Thursday, April 26, 2012.  In this workshop, he focused on how BSU could become a more veteran friendly institution.  The ways in which this could be done he felt was through:

Top-Down Support-must begin with a commitment and be translated into policies and procedures that are mandated by those in power.

Admission, Readmission & Credit Transfer Considerations-many BSU veterans are launching formal higher education pursuits from a different time and place in life when compared to their peer students.

Track Veterans-identifying and tracking veterans and establishing an open line of communication to address barriers.

Other-Consider including veterans as part of the diversity discussion.

Arthur also felt the number one BSU veteran issue was allowing priority registration for classes.  This is due to veteran benefits only lasting so many months before they run out.  Another concern was that sometimes certain classes are only offered during specific semesters and if veterans are waiting to take that course, they are forced to take electives they don’t need.

Other areas he’d like to see addressed for veterans are:

1)      Including them in the orientation process.

2)     Providing parking for those with a disability.

3)     Streamlining the credit transfer process.

4)     Starting a mentoring program.

5)     Designating a gathering space on campus.

6)     Presenting workshops and Sponsored Events




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