2012 Bear Feet Challenge – A First Year Success

by Mike Storey, Athletics

Congratulations go out to Residence Life and Housing for being the inaugural winner of the 2012 Bear Feet Challenge.  Second place went to University Police, with the Rondileau Campus Center earning third place honors.

 The goal of the Bear Feet Challenge was to make Student Affairs staff members cognizant of the effect they have on our environment and their physical well-being when they choose to walk instead of driving a gas-powered vehicle while working on campus.  Even though some departments were more active than others in the Challenge, the awareness it brought about among BSU employees was significant.  Employees taking pedometers and attaching them to their person each day grew as the semester went along. Having the weather improve as the semester went also was significant in increased pedometer totals each week.

The 2012-13 academic year should prove to be another year where the Bear Feet Challenge will once again take place.  Hopefully, after this year’s success not only will Residence Life and Housing need to defend their title but more and more employees will take part to not only improve their own health but the health of the environment around us.

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