Who’s Making Great Meetings Happen?

The Professional Development committee needs your help!! (Don’t worry, it’s just some quick feedback needed!  And we do mean quick!!)  

For our December roundtable discussion, we’re planning to bring in a facilitator who knows how to make great meetings happen.  But at the moment, they are a mystery guest! 

We’ve all left a meeting and thought “Wow, that was a great meeting!!”  Do you know someone who you feel runs meetings well?  Let us know about the person you think runs great meetings!

(It doesn’t have to be someone who works at BSU – if you know someone elsewhere, we welcome those suggestions, too!)


It should only take about one minute to fill out this form with any suggested meeting facilitators – we’re looking for responses by Friday, November 16th so we have enough time to plan for the December roundtable.  (Look for upcoming advertisement about that Roundtable soon!!)




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