Death by Power Point

I will never create a boring power point presentation again!  I hope to never have to sit through one again either!

On Tuesday, November 13th, about ten of us gathered to gain insight on using Power Point and Prezi to enhance learning from Ed Cabellon.  This session was FILLED with great tips and tricks on what makes presentations enjoyable.  Tips included:  knowing your audience and catering certain aspects to them.  Adding music that is in line with your viewers will set the tone for the session – no one enjoys entering a silent room!

Participants learned how to animate words, embed videos, and the dos and don’ts of presenting with Power Point.

Given that the presentation was limited to one hour, the information was extremely helpful, but participants definitely wanted to learn more about Prezi and hear more tips on Power Point.  We’re hoping for a Using Technology 3.0 in the future.

After the session, participants were able to give feedback.  All feedback was positive (it was Ed Cabellon after all, who’s surprised?!)  Participants commented:

  • “Ed covered subject quite well considering he had only an hour to do so”
  • “Ed has “great” knowledge of subject matter”
  • “Ed kept group’s attention throughout”

If you missed the session – you’re in luck!  Ed is so tech savvy that he recorded the whole thing for your benefit!


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