Sustainability Committee Update Fall 2012

For over two years, the Divisional Sustainability Committee has been looking for ways to promote sustainable issues on campus and tell others how the Division goes about doing so. This directly supports the BSU Strategic Plan in the Environment Focus: Prudent Stewardship of Resources. The committee aims to “promote energy conservation and greener operations, along with encouraging paperless and streamlined workflow processes.”

One way to promote the work that is being done across the Division is to create a resource on the Student Affairs website that lists the many efforts that have already been made to conserve energy, go paperless and streamline workflow. I have spoken to several directors and learned what their office is doing to promote sustainability, from an office that has never purchased paper because they only reuse paper to an office that has had its lights removed. Other offices have had the heat permanently shut off and moved their systems online to conserve paper. We hope centralizing these resources will encourage the Division to be aware of what steps others are taking in their own offices.

In addition to creating an online resource for the Division, we want to urge other campus partners to be aware of their environmental impact. We are looking for opportunities to partner with other departments and even student organizations to raise awareness of sustainable issues across campus.

On January 9th, the committee is planning to hold another Cook Off. Details about what categories will be open this year and how you can register online should be available in early December.  If you are interested in joining the committee or would like any information about what we have planned, please contact me at or ext. 1270.

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