Creative Leadership – Reflections

On November 14th Human Resources offered a professional development session on Creative Leadership and Positivity in the Workplace.

Who wouldn’t want to add creativity to their leadership style and more (or some) positivity in the workplace?!  Naturally, this was a session that Julie Hayes and Erin Courville (two of the most positive women I know) would sign up to attend.

Here are some of their reflections on the session:

“What a great session.  The content was great and I took a great deal out of it that will be helpful in my supervising experiences as well as my professional career in the future. There were so many elements that the presenter covered in the short amount of time.  Some tips shared included:

When working with others:

  • Engage people based on behavior, not personality.
  • The golden rule doesn’t work, instead follow the platinum rule “Do onto others as they would have done onto themselves.”
  • Focus on communication styles, not personality.
  • People see reality differently, that is where conflict comes from.
  • When managing change, communicate how, what, why things are changing—otherwise staff will fill in the blanks
  • Ask, rather than command—it creates a different response
  • Respect (deserved or not) will get you the outcome you want.  You don’t have to bend over backwards, but you do have to give a little to improve the relationship.  When you try communicating another way, you learn better ways to communicate and the people you interact with respond better. Everyone wins.
  • Important part of relationships is valuing the other party. The platinum rule isn’t easy but it is a relationship builder.  It is like learning to speak different languages.

Overall, this was a great session in which participants learned concrete ways to motivate staff members and to keep the energy high for our staff members.  Best of all, participants were given a workbook to take back to their offices and refer to in their own work.

Way to go HR for providing great opportunities!

Are there professional development opportunities that you’ve seen and you’d like to share your thoughts on them?  Are there sessions you’d like to see happen?  Let us know by commenting!

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