Get Jazzed!! We’ve got New Professional Development Opportunities!!

The Student Affairs Professional Development committee is excited to bring you a new opportunity to enhance your professional growth and networking within the division.  We are launching a group of three “networking groups” designed to connect members of the division on a variety of common threads.  The groups are described below.

Group descriptions:

 Career Coaching

The Career Coaching networking group provides an opportunity to discuss professional goals and career direction in a supportive group setting. This group is open to professionals in all stages of their career. Topics may include self-assessment of interests, skills, personality, and values; researching career options; sharing career knowledge and insight; writing resumes, C.V.’s, and cover letters; networking and interviewing skills; and identifying mentoring partnerships across campus and the larger field of student affairs.

 Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants in student affairs are uniquely walking the line between student and staff member and this networking group is designed to build support and assistance for graduate assistants to walk that balance well. We envision this group to help graduate assistants to network with peers and reflect on experiences in graduate assistantships as professional preparation for a higher education/student affairs career.

Support Staff

We want to invite you to join a very special networking group for the support staff within the division of student affairs as a means to get to know each other on a personal and professional level. Our hope is that these gatherings will provide an opportunity for staff to learn about each other’s areas, engage in training that will enhance skills and professional growth, and exchange ideas on how to work as a member of a team within one’s department, division and institution.

If you are interested in connecting with one of these three efforts, please complete the interest form at this link:

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