Accounting for Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance!   This can be a hot discussion topic among student affairs professionals.  There are those that believe that achieving balance is impossible and others who believe that they have achieved balance; however, most folks probably fall somewhere in the middle.

For me it comes down to what exactly is Work/Life balance for me?  I like many of you have many hats to wear:  I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sibling, an employee, an employer, a teacher; a community member . . .  the list goes on and on.

So how do I attempt to conquer this concept called Work/Life Balance?  I approach it the same way I balance my check book.  Now some of you may be surprised to hear that during the course of a given month, my check book is not perfectly balanced.  During the course of a month, I may write a check and forget to record it (yes I still pay bills with paper checks), or I use my ATM card and misplace the receipt, and perhaps on a few occasions, I’ve paid a bill before I’ve actually deposited money in the account and I’ve crossed my fingers and hoped that it all clears on time.  However, despite my poor daily financial accounting, I do make sure that each month I make things right and balance my checkbook.  I make sure that I have recorded every last transaction and accounted for all of my spending.

For me work/life balance works the same way – I do not attend to all of the demands of my busy life every day.  Sometimes I overdraw on family time when work is busy, and sometimes I borrow from work time when my family needs me.  I have even been known to take out emergency loans when I need “me” time.   The point is when all is said and done, I am confident that when I sit back and examine how I allocate my personal resources, that just like my check book, at the end of the month I hold myself accountable and I have the “balance” that works for me.


-Beth Moriarty, Director, Residence Life and Housing

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One Response to Accounting for Work/Life Balance

  1. Lee Forest says:

    I like this approach. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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