Social Media, Social Justice, and Social Beginnings:

Grad assistant Joanne Darrigo reflects on the recent MCPA conference:
Such an interactive and informative conference! The day started with an awesome keynote from Ed Cabellon on how to infuse the three topics in the work we do with students while still finding balance in our personal lives. I really appreciated the different suggestions he shared, but what stuck with me most was finding balance. As a graduate student and new professional I am constantly working to engage students, build a network of professional contacts, and learn… I sometimes forget the importance of signing off. Ed’s keynote was a nice reality check and I have already started incorporating many tips into my routine.

The day continued with sessions on varying topics such as multipartiality, gender-neutral housing, microaggressions, and how to build community with coworkers. The sessions were interactive and so engaging. The day provided an opportunity to learn and to be a part of a very important dialogue about how to spark change with students. It was a great chance to share ideas and tips about how to approach these tough topics. I was really impressed with the day, and I was very grateful to be a part of the conversations happening. I think this conference demonstrates the forward thinking of student affairs, and is a step in the right direction of putting ideas into action. I am looking forward to incorporating a lot of the things I learned into practice with the students I work with!


-Joanne Darrigo, GA Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

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