Another boring meeting? Not anymore!

We polled our readers – who runs effective meetings?  You answered and now we’re hearing from an ‘expert’ on the topic!!

Some meetings we attend seem to be an invitation to nap whereas other meetings engage us and foster a sense that our opinions matter and we are valued contributors to the process. This roundtable discussion aims to prepare you to conduct meetings like the latter. Successful meetings are dynamic, effective, and encourage full participation from all members, and they avoid common pitfalls associated with all-talk-and-no-results or insomnia-curing type meetings.


1.  Describe characteristics of productive meetings

2. Identify common mistakes and assumptions facilitators make that hinder the participation of members

3. List ways to prepare for and conclude meetings


Come discuss and learn with your peers on February 19th at 1pm in the Conant Science & Math Building Conference room 471.

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