Social Justice: Where Do You Fit in the Discussion?

Social justice.  Two words that you have no doubt seen or heard about on campus and around the country.  But what is it?  And how can we relate it to ourselves and the students we work with?  The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is excited to have Dr. Jonathan White, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, present a roundtable session on Social Justice on Thursday, April 11, 2013 from 1pm-2pm in RCC room 202.


Intrigued?  We hope you are!  If you have an interest in social justice, we ask that you fill out the Google Doc form below.  We have two brief questions about social justice, and your responses to those questions will be used to gear Dr. White’s discussion to our individual needs.  He has expressed that he’d like for this to be streamlined for what we want to see and what our general knowledge base is.  We are also using the form to get a sense of how many people are attending.


We ask that you fill out this form no later than Wednesday, April 3, so that Dr. White has plenty of time to tailor the discussion effectively for us.


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