Sustainability Committee’s Sustainable Spotlight of the Month!

The Sustainability Committee thinks that the Division has some really great sustainable efforts going on and we’ve decided to put the spotlight on some individuals that are spearheading these wonderful efforts.

This month’s Sustainability Spotlight highlights Lee Forest!

We asked Lee some questions about Sustainability and here is what she had to say!


How do you promote sustainability in your office?

Perhaps the biggest energy and money saving practice is to be as close to paperless as possible. This is the reason I purchased a tablet to take to meetings (well, and also because they’re really cool and my wife finally agreed to it!)  And, if I need to print, then I print on the backs of old flyers (unless I must print on unused paper for official documents). I print so little that I’ve ordered only one box of printer paper since I started in October 2006, and I still have 6 reams left. And, like most everyone, I toss completely used paper, including envelopes and postcards, in the paper recycling bin.

Another practice I have is to turn off the lights to my office whenever I step out. Also, I keep the A/C to a minimum whenever possible. Oh yeah, I normally bring my lunch to work in glass reusable containers, drink from a thermos, and bring home for recycling any trash that isn’t easily recycled on campus.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Since you asked… is for ethical reasons. I believe that anyone who has the cognitive capacity to take another’s perspective (whether the other is human, plant, or animal), has the ethical responsibility to support that entity’s right to access their needs. If we are not good stewards of the earth’s resources, then we’re creating unnecessary difficulty for other living things to have access to the resources they need. I believe the needs of others should be prioritized more highly than one’s own wish for security, convenience, or aesthetics. I don’t do this perfectly, but I strive for it each day.



If money were no object, what sustainable practice would you implement in your office?

I can choose only one? J Then it would be telecommuting during the summer. We would come in when necessary, but mostly work from home and hold meetings via video conferencing. This would cut energy costs in multiple ways: the campus wouldn’t have to power computers, A/Cs, and lights, and employees would spend less on gasoline for the work commute.


Thank you Lee for being a great role model for us and for taking the time to share your efforts with us!


Look for more Sustainability Spotlight features throughout the summer!

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