Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

Welcome back!

Can you believe it is already the ninth month of 2013!!  Time flies when you’re having fun in Student Affairs!!


Did you know that you can have our blog delivered right to your inbox?  That’s right – simply add your name in the space at the right and click “Sign me up!”  It’s simple!  It’s fast!  It’s Professional Development delivered to you at no charge!! You’re welcome!!

We’re always looking for new submissions!  Have you attended a conference lately?  Attended a session that you just want to talk about?  Here’s the best platform and you’ve got a captive audience!  Never written a blog before?  No worries, here are some great tips to get you started! To submit a blog entry, simply email Amanda, the SAPDCCC (that’s a fancy acronym I just made up for Student Affairs Professional Development Committee Communications Chair! I promise I’ll never actually call myself that or use it again!)

Speaking of Professional Development at no charge – here’s what you can look forward to in September and early October on campus:

Thursday, September 26Making the Most of Qualtrics

 Sponsor: Student Affairs Assessment Committee

Presenter: Joanna Boeing Bratton, Research Analyst in the BSU Office of Assessment

 Time: 11:00 am – 12 noon

Location: Burnell 132A

Qualtrics is sweeping the nation… ok, we made that up (it might be, who knows) – but it IS sweeping the division and you have got to see all you can do with this amazing research software!

It will blow your mind and make your surveys (and assessment efforts) so much more meaningful!

Friday, September 27Bringing Your Whole Self to Work at Bridgewater! 

Sponsor: Human Resources

Presenter: Adam Sutton, Breakthrough Collaboration 

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: RCC 201
Target Audience: All employees

Would you like to take a fresh look at your current position and how it fits into the bigger picture here at BSU? Want to know how to increase your own personal sense of empowerment and engagement, right here and right now? This interactive and fun session will help you to better understand and experience the incredible, real-time benefits of bringing yourself to work each day, appreciating and integrating as many of your gifts and skills as possible in to the work you currently do. Come be empowered, energized and engaged by exploring your own sense of mission, values and current career alignment and begin to create an exciting new roadmap for yourself!
Wednesday, October 2Building Strong Relationships at Home and at Work


Sponsor: Human Resources

Presenter: Richard Dufresne, EAP


Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: Library MDR

Target Audience: All employees

Do your parents or siblings still talk to you like you are 14? Do your friendships seem to be one way? Does your supervisor seem to not have time for you? Do co-workers annoy you? When we have positive and rewarding relationships at home and work, our “happiness scale” is high and our stress levels are low. The reason for this is because we all need others to meet some of our needs. When our relationships are tense, and not satisfying our overall happiness and productivity is negatively impacted. This session will provide strategies, tools and tips in helping you build stronger relationships at home and work.

Stay tuned for more Professional Development Opportunities from our committee – including a book club, round-tables, and much more!

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