Up your ASSESSMENT capabilities with Qualtrics

As part of the work of the Division of Student Affairs Assessment Committee, a Qualtrics Workshop for all Student Affairs staff was presented on September 26, 2013.  Joanna Boeing Bratton, Ed.M., Research Analyst in the Office of Assessment, conducted the session entitled “Maximizing Qualtrics Now That You Have Gotten Started” 

surveyPrior to this session, Joanna shared a power point presentation called “Guide to Creating a Basic Survey in Qualtrics” which she used in a training session conducted for the Residence Life and Housing staff previously.  This provided an opportunity for everyone to learn or review the basics before attending this session.  Joanna gave great examples of how we can use the advanced features available in Qualtrics to collaborate with others on campus by managing and sharing folders with individuals as well as with entire groups.  She also demonstrated the use of blocks and how to use the loop and merge function to automatically bring in fields from one question to another.  Joanna explained how piped text allows you to bring in text from a loop and merge block.  Also covered in the training were many other useful features such as how to force responses, set defaults, include notes, preview questions, move and renumber questions as well as how to use the trash folder to restore questions.  Next Joanna reviewed the many ways to change the look and feel of a survey, the various survey options, the ways to distribute surveys easily, and how to analyze and report on the collected data. 

Staff members who attended this session learned that Qualtrics is a powerful and intuitive tool that can be used very effectively in assessment.  We are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable resource as Joanna available to us here on campus.   If you were unable to make it to this session – you’re in luck!  You may view the workshop on the following link:


Post submitted by: Rita Camara, Assistant Director for Assignments, Residence Life and Housing

Rita is a member of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee

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