Student Affairs Assessment Workshop: Analyzing Qualitative Data

Blog post submitted by: Cathy Davis, Director of Campus Recreation

On December 12, 2013, Dr. Joanna Boeing Bratton presented a brown bag workshop on Analyzing Qualitative Data.  The workshop was sponsored the Student Affairs Assessment Committee.

Analyzing qualitative data has many steps in order to ensure that the reporting  is accurate.  Take into consideration the source, steps, and resources.    Qualitative data assesses knowledge, skills, values, attitudes & perceptions, and program processes.   There are considerations when analyzing, such as quality of data, collection process limitations, reporting requirements, craft and style of analyst, oddities, etc.

There are different sources of qualitative data, such as: open- ended survey questions, focus groups, interviews, observations, blog posts, reflection papers as well as essays.  Analysis and reporting can vary, but one can reduce information by categorizing, identifying themes and patterns.   When reporting the results of the data analysis, it helps to including addendum and sometimes further analysis if may be needed.

This workshop went through a hands-on example, data from Resident Assistant Exit Interview Focus Groups in order to solidify how to analyze data.  We then reviewed the Division of Student Affairs Assessment Report Template and discussed the report qualitative data analysis.

Huge “kudo’s” to Joanna for her presentation, and information!

For those who were unable to attend, please feel free to view the workshop here:


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