The Change We Create

The common thread among those of us fortunate enough to attend Creating Change 2014 is nothing less than a commitment to change the world!  And to hear the anecdotes and research from colleagues across the nation, we are making good progress.  Laverne Cox’s moving keynote exemplified what a loving community looks like as we in the audience participated in the healing that occurs when people of different races, sexual orientations, and gender identities come together in solidarity.

Lest you start to think that Creating Change is simply a glorified Kumbaya singing, hand-holding event, allow me to assure you that our brains as well as our hearts were thoroughly engaged there. This conference is the only nationwide opportunity we – those of us with professional responsibilities to increase LGBT-equity and inclusion — have to share promising practices, current scholarship, and groundbreaking ideas with each other.  This conference enabled me to participate with other directors of LGBT Resource Centers in higher education in charting a course we collectively understand to be in the best interest of GLBTA students now and into the future.

I also attended a session on intercultural communication styles which I plan to put immediately to use in a workshop Sydne Marrow and I are designing for student leaders.  Be on the lookout this spring for P.E.A.C.E. – Practicing Empathy and Cultural Expertise –and encourage your students to attend!


Submitted by: Lee Forest, Director of the Pride Center

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