5 Tips for Creating Your Own Blog

Have you considered starting your own blog?  Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, blogging can be a great way to share your story and connect with others.  There are many benefits to blogging.

I’ve had a personal blog for over three years.  It has allowed me to have a creative outlet where I can document life.  Over the years I have covered a number of topics from the renovation of our home to sharing recipes to now chronicling my daughter’s life.



If you’re considering embarking on the blogging journey, here are five tips to hit the ground running:

  1. Choose a blogging platform.  There are a number of blogging sites from WordPress.org to Blogger to Typepad; some are free of charge while others do have a cost associated with them.  Do some research and explore what may work best for the kind of blog you hope to build.  If you would like to blog from your own domain, look into purchasing and where decide who will host your domain.
  2. Consider your niche/interest area.  Find something your passionate about so the writing will come (somewhat) easily.  Blogging does not have to be all-consuming, but it can easily turn into something that is more time-intensive than you expected.  Writing about something you are passionate about will make blogging feel like less of a burden and more of a pleasure when you’re pressed for time.
  3. Create a plan.  Spend some time generating ideas for what you hope to write about before you begin to post.  This may mean doing some research on a topic you hope to write about or spending time taking photos for your blog posts.  It all depends on the type of blog you intend to create.  Other resources to consider are where your images will come from.  Do you have the time and ability to take your own photos or will you use stock photography?
  4. Connect with others. Consider your intended blog audience and how you will build that audience.  Are there people you already know who also blog about the subject or something similar?  Read their blogs and leave a comment or send an email to try to make a connection.  The blogging community can be a friendly place and bloggers love knowing someone is reading their blog and taking the time to comment shows you have considered their content.  Another great way to build an audience is to share your blog posts via social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular ways of spreading the word).
  5. Keep a calendar (of sorts).  It can be really helpful to have a calendar and/or journal dedicated to your blog.  This will help you stay organized, as you can plan ahead the types of blog posts you want to write or jot down ideas when you feel inspired.  A blog calendar can be as simple as using a Google calendar and adding notes about the post to the description.

I hope this overview of considerations when starting a blog is helpful.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at bgoad@bridgew.edu.

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  1. haridasgowra says:

    Nice to share with us………..#wordpress!

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