Social Media IS Your Job!

When: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where: Weygand Multi-Purpose Room, 1047

Time: 12pm (Feel free to bring your lunch!)

Facilitator: Dr. Cathy Holbrook


Light refreshments will be served!


In higher education, the tools are always changing and it’s inevitable that some of us embrace them and others resist… social media is that now. Do you remember when personal computers made their way to every desk?  What about email?  How many of you remember people who said “I don’t need a computer!” or “I don’t have time to read and answer email!”  Today, email is our official means of communication and very few of us can imagine not having it, never mind saying we won’t use it.  The point is that social media is another tool in the toolbox that we cannot afford NOT to use…it aids us in communication with students in real time, let’s us put our finger on the pulse of what students are thinking, enables us to market our programs, and to connect with students we may never see otherwise.  Social media IS our job….let’s discuss!



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