Wellbeing – Social

When thinking about the different aspects of one’s personal wellbeing, it is really important to remember our social wellbeing.  We are social beings and without connections to others it is difficult for us to thrive.  In our discussion about Social Wellbeing, Brian Salvaggio led us in a discussion exploring some different parts of how our connections with others can increase our happiness, reduce stress and help us through tough times.

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of social wellbeing is that our broader social network can impact our own happiness.  If your friend is happy, you are 15% more likely to be happy.  If a friend of that friend is happy, you are still 10% more likely to be happy!  To me it is like the butterfly effect, how our actions, our attitude and our approach to life can really make a much larger impact then we might realize.  You might say that 10% increase in likelihood isn’t a big deal, but an increase in salary of $10,000 only increases your likelihood of happiness by 2%.   Just shows how important it is to make connections and keep them strong to help improve your overall wellbeing.

Matt Miller is the Associate Director in the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

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