I _______ my job!

How do you finish that statement?  Love? Hate? Like? Dislike? Of the five areas of wellbeing, Career/purpose is considered to be the most important. Think about the amount of time that we spend at our place of employment each day as opposed to our personal lives. For most, our jobs take up a significant part of our day and become part of our identity, but do we really enjoy what we do? Or is the best part of our day the final hour spent anticipating the minute we get to bolt?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

This is the mantra of people with high career wellbeing.  Individuals in this group enjoy their work days almost as much as their weekends.  This carries over to their personal lives, relationships, and can actually have positive health benefits.

Or you may hate your job, think your boss is a jerk, and spend your entire weekend dreading Monday morning.  This too, carries over.  People with low career wellbeing are at higher risk for psychological and physiological problems.  And we thought it was just a job?

The career wellbeing session gave me a lot to ponder.  Prior to this session, I did not fully realize the effects of being engaged or disengaged at work or how much a supervisor can directly impact both.

Having spent several years climbing the corporate ladder at a well-known, monochromatic, package delivery company, I wholeheartedly agree that having low career wellbeing is physically and mentally exhausting.  I have found that work stressors generally do not punch a time clock.  They tend to travel home with you and become part of the family.  This benefits no one.

The good news is that we can change our membership in either group, as well as, our level of engagement and “never work” again.  By the way, I love my job! My boss is great. I get along with my coworkers. Life is good.


Cheryl Amaral is an Admin II in the BSU Wellness Center

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