Tech Tuesdays: Maximizing Your Digital Calendar

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On behalf of the Student Affairs Technology Committee, we are pleased to be offering professional development on various technology topics every Tuesday this summer, thanks to the Atomic Learning platform that BSU has a license for! Atomic Learning is an online learning platform that you can access at your own convenience.

Today’s topic is about maximizing your digital calendar, which means utilizing all the features that the Microsoft Outlook calendar has to offer along with gaining a broader understanding of effective scheduling. Before you broaden your current knowledge on how to use the technology, assess how you currently keep your digital calendar organized. Whether the meetings in your calendar are with other people or with yourself in order to get work done, blocking off chunks of time allow for more opportunities for focused, purposeful time. This means:

  1. Identifying Available Time: How long does it normally take to get things accomplished? How long do your meetings have to be (and do you really have to be there?)
  2. Scheduling Your Essential Actions: This will be different for each of you in your respective roles on campus. If you need help with this, speak with your supervisor so you are on the same page.
  3. Building in Contingency and Discretionary Time: Try to find times each week in your schedule that are for you to handle interruptions and unpredictable events, as well as, to have important time behind a closed door to focused attention to your tasks.

In order to access the Atomic Learning platform, please click here to log in FIRST, before clicking below. Once you are logged in, click the following modules:

  • Microsoft Outlook (Calendar): Learn how to use the Microsoft® Outlook® calendar feature. In this online tutorial (Section G), you will learn the following:

Outlook Tutorial List

Finally, as the campus moves to the Microsoft Office 2013 suite this fall (and eventually to Office 365 in the spring), some of the features will be updated. If you want to download Microsoft Office 2013 on your PC right now, you can do so by visiting this on-campus link. Then, if you wanted to get a head start on the Atomic Learning training modules for Office 2013 or even Office 365, then feel free to do so.

Next week, we will be sharing tips on document, spreadsheet, and presentation collaboration utilizing the Google Drive suite of apps!

What are some of your favorite Microsoft Outlook tips? How do you use your digital calendar to stay on focused and on track?

About Ed Cabellon, Ed.D.

Director of Administration, @BSUlife @BridgeStateU | Chair of the BSU Student Affairs Technology Committee | former ACPA Digital Technology Co-Chair | Connect with me on my site at
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