Introducing the Strengths Spotlight!

by Cindy Kane, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership

Achiever, Competition, Arranger, Self-Assurance, themes, talents… some of these words are familiar to many of you as we have implemented the use of the StrengthsFinder tool in a number of areas of campus. Staff from all departments in Student Affairs and staff in divisions of Academic Affairs, Human Resources and Information Technology have enjoyed many “Discover your Strengths” presentations as well as workshops focused on team development. As of July 1, we had 1756 members of the BSU community who have completed Strengths Finder using a BSU purchased access code!

All of this self-discovery is great, but one of the pieces we have been lacking is a forum for ongoing learning and ongoing conversation about what we know about Strengths. This year we can help! The Professional Development Blog will host a “Strengths Spotlight” series of 34 posts where a member of the BSU community will share perspective on one of their Top 5 themes of talent.  Our goal is to share 34 posts with you over the course of the year in an effort to help you consider themes you may not have or to think about your own themes in new ways.

I hope you are looking forward to these posts as much as I am! Based on what has been submitted so far, I think many will enjoy the posts from colleagues and students and will benefit from increased understanding of the talents we all bring with us to work every single day.


About cindykane

Director of @BSUInvolved and interested in leadership and professional development strategies. Mom, scholar-practitioner, looking to make an impact!
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