Strengths Spotlight: Activator

By Rachel Wood, Class of ‘17Rachel Wood

Top 5 Themes: Communication, Includer, Activator, Woo, Positivity

I would describe Activator as being a go-getter and being the first to take initiative in situations. When something needs to be done I am able to understand it better once I am actually engaged. Once I am given instructions I want to start and get things moving along. A quote I would use to describe this is “I don’t trust words, I trust actions”. When something is actually in the works and getting done that is when I will believe it. Not only do I enjoy putting things into plans and getting a task completed; I also enjoy getting others around me to want to do the same. For example, as President of Program Council, I get enjoyment when e- board members are happy with the outcome of their events.

I believe that having Activator in my Top 5 has helped me in many of my different roles at BSU. I see myself using this theme mostly in my different roles to keep myself as well as the groups I am a part of on task. Once I hear a plan I find myself to be the person in the group to put the plan in to action and make sure what needs to get done is getting done. Planning an event also includes delegating different tasks out. When I am not the one putting the plan together I have noticed that it is easy for me to help others when they are looking for instruction. I noticed this mostly in my roles as a Resident Assistant and an Orientation Leader. When other students had problems arise I was able to help them put an action plan together to solve the problem.

The biggest way I have noticed this talent to be misunderstood is being called out as impatient. Many times when some sort of plan is made I like to get it started right away because it is easier to understand when it’s all being played out. Whereas other people like to take the time to process what was said. Instead of using the word “impatient”, this is where I would instead say “eager.” Once a plan is figured out it’s easier to put the words into action and therefore as an Activator tend to be eager to get started.

Entering my third year at Bridgewater I have noticed my themes, Activator included, develop more and more each year. Instead of being the person to just always take action I have learned to work with this theme and learn different types of ways to get others to want to take initiative as well. This could be something as simple as still giving a plan but letting someone else run with it, bringing out the positives in different actions to want to get others to step up, and making sure to let others know how they are doing such as constructive feedback and compliments. It has also matured in ways such as learning when to step forward and take action and when to step back and let others. I tend to always be the type of person that wants to volunteer for everything because I like to take action but I have learned that sometimes it is better for someone else to step forward and for me to sit back.

Want to learn more about the Activator in your life? Listen to Gallup’s “Theme Thursday” podcast about the Activator theme


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