Strengths Spotlight: Analytical

by Anthony Hebert ’16Hebert

Top 5 Themes: Harmony, Analytical, Deliberative, Focus, Context

Of my top five themes from Strengths Finder, the one I notice the most in everyday life is my theme of Analytical. It is not rated as my top theme though I believe I utilize it the most and is the best strength I have for the work that I do. I find that I use this theme every day and most of the time never even notice it. Whenever I have to make any sort of decision I always analyze the current situation I am in and think ahead to what the consequences of my decisions could be and how it could change things; for better or worse. This theme gets me to dig deeper and ask question after question until I get the answers that I am looking for. This allows me to base my decisions on fact and logic which leads me down the right course the majority of the time and presents me with some of the best possible outcomes. Being a very analytical person I also use this talent when interacting with other people. I find that I have a skill in picking up on subtleties that might otherwise go overlooked which allows me to talk honestly with people and get to the truth behind questions I may have.

My Analytical talent also plays a big role in my duty as a student leader at BSU. As a member of the Student Government I need to constantly work with other students and University staff. I need to make decisions for the benefit of the student body and so often that requires peeling back the layers to discover what the best course of action is. As a member of the Student Government Association I make great use of my Analytical talent. Very often I must take a position on an issue and the decisions I make can have serious consequences. I analyze the issue at hand and thank carefully and deliberately about it. I never come a decision rashly or in the spur of the moment but rather take the time to consider all the factors and take a night or two to sleep on it before deciding. Occasionally tempers can flare and people in the student government can let their emotions sway their judgment; however I always rely on my analytical thinking to come to a judgment. This allows me to make the best decisions possible and not let heated passions sway me. If a situation needs to be resolved quickly then I speed up my analytical process though I do have some difficulty acting on things in a swift manner occasionally.

Something that I think is misunderstood about this theme is that it does not have to deal with numbers or academia. I feel when people hear the word analytical, they automatically jump to the conclusion it must have something to do with running numbers or deals with some kind of science. It of course it is used in these subject matters but like I said it is used in everyday life from talking to friends or planning how to spend your time for the day. An issue I have –  and I believe most analytical thinkers have – is over-analyzing a situation or a question. By continuously looking too deep into a question or thinking about every possible outcome over and over again, you can lose sight of the larger picture and mistakes can be made. We analytical thinkers need to know when to stop and clear our minds to reduce overcomplicating the situations we are in.

As I have progressed through my undergraduate education I have learned how to keep myself from overanalyzing problems which helps keep my stress levels in check. As an involved student I have a variety of different responsibilities and commitments; my analytical mindset helps me to manage these and through experience have learned to keep my college stress levels to a minimum.

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