Strengths Spotlight: Arranger

by Gael DeIuliis, Assistant Director – New Student and Family Programs

Top 5 profilepicThemes: Individualization, Achiever, Arranger, Deliberative, Analytical

As I reflect on my Arranger talent, I envision a juggler with many balls in the air or a complex puzzle with many pieces. I am more productive when juggling multiple priorities and programs. I consider the intricate pieces (mission, resources, facilities, people) and include the creative ideas of my colleagues as a way to find the best solution. When reading my Gallup report, this talent theme immediately resonated for me.

For those who know me it may not come as a surprise that the Arranger theme is my #3 dominant talent. This theme describes my ability to manage, coordinate and execute multiple priorities. It is a talent I exercise in all aspects of my life; as a professional, wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. Whether it is a program at work or a family matter, my distinctive response is to begin planning, coordinating, and anticipating.  It speaks to my talent for considering all the variables to produce the most effective outcome. My Arranger talent highlights my ability to be flexible, be open to the ideas of others, as well as a preference to accomplish tasks in a collaborative, team environment.

At BSU, we are all faced with the challenge of getting our work done with limited resources and keeping things current and relevant amidst constant change. My Arranger talent allows me to flourish in a complex working environment. I am at my best when handling multiple priorities and projects. My approach to a successful outcome is to remain flexible while aligning details, resources and collaborative interests. In my world, nothing is etched in stone. Some may become immobilized and frustrated when confronted with change or barriers – I would be lying if I did not ever share such feelings – but the Arranger talent will kick in. I instinctively will start to think about a new approach while being creative about working with the resources available.

The success of the programs and projects that I oversee relies on collaborative, cross divisional planning. Large scale programs such as Homecoming and Family Day and Family Orientation would not happen without campus partners.  There are other programs that would not be as successful or effective without the creative, expert input of my colleagues.  This planning model lends itself to a level of complexity, however my Arranger talent knows a quality program that represents BSU has to be accomplished beyond the walls of New Student and Family Programs. “It takes a village” to get programs moving forward in the complex environment of BSU – I rely heavily on my Arranger talents to be effective in this way. I value what my colleagues bring to the table and seek to understand the complex pieces of their puzzle. As an Arranger , it is not about my ideas, but more about influencing the strengths and ideas of others. My primary focus is the success of the program. Although this approach is second nature to me, the level of detail that I consider can be intimidating to others.

I do understand that my Arranger talent can be misinterpreted by campus partners, especially those who may not have an Executing theme in their top talents. I am a controller –always thriving to arrange and rearrange for the best possible outcome. I am aware that a colleague could perceive my Arranger talent as controlling or presenting barriers.  The reality is I am anticipating all the variables and resources, or lack of, when strategizing how to best execute an idea or program.  Further, I expect my ability to be flexible and my willingness to make a sudden change for the betterment of the program can be frustrating or perceived as indecisive. I do try to be cognizant of how intense this talent can be for some – it is a high energy talent and not how everyone works.

In closing, I am fortunate to have the opportunity every day to learn from colleagues who I view as amazing Arrangers. I am energized by a colleague’s creative ability to find solutions to complex issues that can completely change a program for the better. Having such talented colleagues provides a working environment where I am always learning and growing. It is professionally satisfying to be part of the team at BSU and the ever changing, dynamic field of higher education. It never gets old and there are always new balls being thrown in the mix, new pieces of the puzzle to consider and an opportunity to partner with and learn from talented campus partners.

Learn more about the Arranger theme from Gallup’s “Theme Thursdays” videos on You Tube. This one hour podcast digs deeply into one theme at a time and is a great resource!

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