Strengths Spotlight: Belief

SQHeadshotby Erin Hennessy, Administrative Assistant – Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

Erin’s Top 5: Connectedness, Belief, Responsibility, Input, Adaptability

“A life not lived for others is not a life.” –Mother Teresa

Q1: How do you define this Belief theme of talent for yourself?

I’m a huge fan of Mother Teresa, her selflessness knew no boundaries, I admire her greatly for that. I try my hardest to exemplify that in my life. Personally, my Belief theme is how I live out all aspects of my life, it means serving others, putting others before yourself, giving your all for the greater good.  It also means having a very high values system. Corrie Ten Boom once said, “The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.’  When I leave this world I want to know I gave others my all, my family, my community, and my employer.  There is never enough time in a day, days in a week, months in a year to do all that I want to do for everybody in my life.

Q2: When this Belief talent is applied, what has this theme enabled you to do in your role at BSU?

Before BSU I left a career as an account coordinator at a leading cosmetic company to be a stay at home mom. I always thought I wanted to stay at home with children. A series of events happened in my life that lead me here but mainly I got bored at home & decided to go back to work part-time. I worked for SGA for 9 years as a part-time employee, the reason I decided to stay and have become fulfilled in this position is because of our institutions value system and mission, as well as, the students that make up this fine University. The year I came aboard the Community Service Office was opened and there was a huge push on campus for students to serve and give back to the community.  Even though I am an administrative assistant in SGA and The Comment I know that the efforts I put forth in my job give back to the greater good.  I know our students are the future & they will be an integral part of making this world a better place.  I can serve our students knowing my job has purpose, that the students of this University have an impact which will be a direct benefit to our communities in the area and abroad.

Q3: How is this Belief theme of talent sometimes misunderstood?

I find people often think that because I have high standards due to my belief system that I think I am perfect, that I do not make mistakes.  Another stereotype is that I judge others who do not have my beliefs or that I am not tolerant of other’s lifestyles.  These stereo types can’t be further from the truth.  It is my #1 goal to make sure everybody feels valued and respected.  Am I successful in this quest all the time, certainly not, I am human too, but I do try hard to “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” Luke 6:31

Q4: What are ways you have helped this Belief talent to “mature’ over the course of your career and experience?

I grew up in a home where serving others was exemplified through my parents.  Giving your all, hard work, dedication, and dependability was always expected.  Growing up Belief was part of my upbringing, it was a family affair.  After college I found that if I didn’t have a career that had some kind of impact on society long term than I felt very unfulfilled and empty. I need my career to have a purpose which will somehow impact every facet of our community, even if it’s a very small piece. It is something that I work at daily, it evolves with time because of new circumstances or challenges.  As I mature in my faith I am able to engross myself in what is directly beneficial to the greater good and this is reflected in all aspects of my life, career, family, and relationships both personal and professional.

Want to learn more about this theme? Check out Gallup’s “Theme Thursday” podcast and learn more!


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