Let’s keep it going!

Greetings, Student Affairs Colleagues!

On behalf of the Professional Development Committee, we wanted to reach out for two reasons:

  1. To remind you all to complete our online survey from last Thursday’s session with Dr. Jillian Kinzie from NSSE:  Click here for the survey! 
  2. To continue the conversation started by Dr. Kinzie.  To do this, we wanted to ask you all to consider a few questions – PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!!Question 1: Did any data about BSU/BSU students that surprised you?  If so, please say what it is and explain why?

    Question 2: Was there any data about BSU that WAS NOT presented that you would want to know about our students?

    Question 3:  So… where do we go from here?  We talked off and on about “next steps.”  What are those?  And no, you can’t say none!

Peter Wiernicki & Jennifer Amiccuci

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