Strengths Spotlight: Deliberative

by Richardson Pierre-Louis, Interim Assistant Director – FAM for Changerichardson 025

Top 5: Deliberative, Adaptability, Relator, Futuristic, Intellection

The way that I would define this theme of talent is intentional, calculating and very deliberate.  This theme of talent is also at times guarded, reserved and very cautious about who knows what, when and why.  A quote that I have developed that speaks to this theme of talent is “starting today, every decision you make impacts the rest of your life.  Whatever you decide let your conscience be your guide.”

When applied, this theme has allowed me to gain the respect of colleagues and students alike, as I am not one to speak just for the sake of speaking.  Because my thoughts are usually expressed after I have analyzed them and weighted the risk of the outcome of what I am going to say, I am confident and firm in expressing those thoughts.  The opinions expressed are always my own regardless of whether or not it is in line with the status quo.  I find that my audience is usually receptive and respectful of my ideas.

This theme of talent is often mistaken for arrogance.  I have been accused of being cold or appearing disinterested in others.  I think that I have helped this talent to mature in my role as an advisor to several student groups on campus.  I work with these students teaching them how to be honorable and respectable individuals.  I try to get students to understand the value in thinking things through and understanding that though they are free to choose, those decisions are not free of consequences.

Want to learn more about the Deliberative theme of talent? Listen to Gallup’s “Theme Thursdays” broadcast about this theme here!


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