Strengths Spotlight: Futuristic

fratoniby Kristin Fratoni

Master’s student, Student Affairs Counseling ’16
Graduate Assistant, Office of New Student and Family Programs

Of my five top strengths, I would have to say that the Futuristic theme of talent is my favorite. To me, it symbolizes an endless supply of hope and possibilities; having the ability to direct and redirect the vision of my future as many times as I want.

Those who do not have a high Futuristic talent, however, may misunderstand the value of such a trait, viewing it as a hindrance to the art of being mindful.  Eckhart Tolle once said, “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.”   It is true that staying in the present moment can be quite a challenge for those who have the futuristic theme of talent such as myself.  It can be difficult at times to be mindful of my surroundings; to focus on the task at hand rather than peer at my planner at what the future has in store.  For some, it can become overwhelming to think so far in advance, to carefully craft a vision for the future, very well knowing that it cannot be predicted.  For me, however, I find the future fascinating, full of opportunities and possibilities to capitalize on; ones that will aid me in realizing the dreams that I have, just not always in the way I have envisioned.


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My entire college career had been one long windy road full of detours and roundabouts, allowing me first to explore my undergraduate degree in business in various concentrations, internships and jobs before directing me down the path of Student Affairs.  It has been here in this field that I am able to leave a prescribed vision of what I thought I wanted during my undergraduate experience and visualize a brand new future full of possibilities that I am not even fully aware of yet.  It was not until I came to Bridgewater State University and took the StrengthsQuest assessment that I was able to put a name to the attribute that enabled me to see beyond the present disappointments, constantly redirecting me back toward the path of endless opportunities.

While I also value the art of being mindful and living in the moment, I find the talent theme of Futuristic to be of equal caliber, providing me with the capability to see beyond what is happening now in anticipation for what might be.  While some may believe that this tactic is prevents the ability to revel in the present moment, I find it to be quite the opposite.  For me, by anticipating and planning for the future, I am able to enjoy the present moment much more knowing that the bulk of the work is behind me.  This is especially true in my classes (for the most part) as well as in my work with the Family Association.  Of course, unexpected instances will always occur but I embrace these bumps in the road, these twists and turns in the path as they bring me back to the present moment to regroup and plan my next course of action; allowing me to redirect my future once more.

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