Strengths Spotlight: Input

by Ann Doyle, Coordinator – Outreach Education

Top 5: Learner, Individualization, Intellection, Relator and Input

I am so excited to share some information about my talent of Input. It’s #5 on my list after Learner, Individualization, Intellection, and Relator.

Input makes me inquisitive and a collector. As a talent it can be super helpful and it can also be overwhelming. I love to gather information and make sure I know just about everything about a topic – which is great when I have the time to really do thorough research. Frequently though, deadlines approach and I have to stop collecting and start writing.

In my role in Outreach Education, I use Input daily. It is so important to be current on health related topics to be sure I am providing the best information to the BSU Peer Educators. I follow several online digests that provide information in summary formats and then if I want to do more research, I can later. The summarized formats keep me current without bogging me down.

At meetings, I have learned to hold myself back from asking too many questions. In the past, my inquisitive nature has been seen as ‘questioning’ of those who are trying to make a quick decision. I need information to feel well informed, doesn’t everyone want as much information as possible? Combine my Input with my Learner and you get the idea that I can be full of questions and just love to learn new things, which can make some people a bit put out. People who want a quick decision, and don’t want lots of questions, can become frustrated with my asking and processing but those who know me and have worked with me appreciate the thorough nature with which I approach problems. Plus, I have knowledge that can be shared later. I collect information just because it’s fun!

Related to work, I have developed the skill of limiting my information gathering. I get so excited about the research that I would spend far too much time doing the research. I have learned that most people are not that excited about research and data. Sad, but true!

In my outside work life, I can spend all the time I want researching and making a decision. I start my buying process, or better said, my buying research, much earlier than most. I began looking for a car about two years before I really needed one. I read Consumer Reports, check websites, read all sorts of reviews on repairs, owner satisfaction, car buying experience with various dealers. Some would find this overwhelming but I enjoy the experience. It’s so fun to know almost as much as the dealers! I want to be armed with all the info I might possibly need.

So, need a person for a trivia team? Find someone with Input. They enjoy gathering information and are generally able to pull it back out to share with others.


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Director of @BSUInvolved and interested in leadership and professional development strategies. Mom, scholar-practitioner, looking to make an impact!
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