Strengths Spotlight: Positivity

by Kayla Flaherty, student

It can be no surprise that those who have a strength in Positivity are constantly looking for the silver lining, discovering a bright side and bringing positive ideas out, it seems almost self-explanatory. But in my own experience, the theme of Positivity enables other qualities such as empowerment, inspiration, and perseverance to blossom. In finding the words to describe this talent, I found this wonderful quote: “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create” –Buddha. I feel that this quote is quite fitting for describing what it means to own my strength in Positivity, which perspectives can always be seen with a light of positivity and that attitude is everything.

10645327_854309054599448_2509870613515604393_nWhen this talent is applied, it has enabled me to do much more than I thought possible in my role here at BSU. For example, as a student leader I often found myself needing to find a balance of my different responsibilities; with classes, two jobs, being involved on campus and having a social life—being positive meant everything. On days when it seemed that my plate was too full, all I needed was to remind myself that people believed in me and through reminding myself of the reasons in which I was so passionate in each of my responsibilities helped me push through whatever was put in my way. In group settings, I often find that I am the collaborator of the group. I try to find a way that everyone’s voice is heard and that we all put in the same amount of effort to produce something of meaning or taking a creative approach to our goals.

I feel that this theme can often be misunderstood as either overly idealistic or indecisive. During a class I recently had, one of my peers that I was working on a project with said that my ideas were “not grounded enough” for a class presentation we had to work on. I still feel that this is not entirely correct. I do however believe that once the creativity mindset of a person with positivity is engaged, the sky is the limit and that is not to say, that our heads are in the clouds.

In a few ways this talent has helped me to mature over the course of my undergraduate career and experience but it most of all has given me the gift of charisma. With Positivity, I find that it is very easy for me to relate to others and that I am quickly able to pick up on the mood of an audience and build off of that to create a positive environment. I find that public speaking has become one of my greatest assets through the development of this strength which has allowed me to shift my tone and manner to reflect upon certain events or present on projects without losing my own voice.



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Director of @BSUInvolved and interested in leadership and professional development strategies. Mom, scholar-practitioner, looking to make an impact!
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