Strengths Spotlight: Restorative

By Jennifer Amiccuci – Director of Undergraduate Admissions Operations

Top 5

    1. HARMONY

Restorative 1

Problem Solver.  Observer.  Need for efficiency.  Educating others.

These are just a few descriptors of someone who has a “Restorative” talent.  The need to make things better and a person who has the ability to always see ways to make improvements…Potentially because they have a need to make things easier for others.

I was hired last year to step in and oversee the operations of the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  A colleague was retiring and while he was taking with him a tremendous amount of knowledge, skills and abilities, I was coming in with a different view, ideas and initiatives!  Luckily, I was able to spend my first month under his wing – he was gracious enough to show me the ropes and I soaked up as much information regarding processes and procedures as possible.  I was set on the idea that I would never make any changes from the get-go because HOW could I change something when I didn’t know the who, what, where, when, why and how?  The best part about my first year at BSU was to be able to observe.

The difficult part about this theme is that sometimes individuals can be seen as over-critical and wanting to fix things that are not broken.  Having these ideals in mind (even before learning that “Restorative” was a theme contained within me) I tried my best to be weary of this and even keep many of my mental notes to myself.  Of course, coming from another university where things are done much differently – I had to be careful to not present any ideas as being “better” than what was done at BSU.  Admittedly, I think it sneaks out every once in a while though!  Blame it on the Activator side of me!  But the Harmony in me allows me to try my best to be conscientious of how I make presentations and remain respectful of different ways of doing things – there is always more than one way to do something and have positive effects.Restorative 2

Overall, as most in our division knows, our office spent approximately 4 months implementing a CRM solution called Microsoft CRM Recruit (a.k.a. Recruiter).  It was an incredible experience for me to step onto BSU’s campus approximately one month into the implementation, keeping in mind that I had implemented this solution at the other school, and learn how to combine my experience with what I needed to learn as a new employee. Having the opportunity to repeat this “exercise” at a completely different place and then think outside the box to implement it for post-enrollment activities was such a great challenge and I can only hope that it has benefited those with whom I’m working alongside.

I am completely amazed at how StrengthQuest assigned these 5 talents to me because they describe my progression through my first year perfectly!

Just remember this when working with someone of the “Restorative” talent: they always have the best intentions of others in mind – specifically regarding efficiency.  They are excited individuals, especially when they have ideas free-flowing in their heads and they know that it will only make things better for others.  Being a strong problem-solver, you can never go wrong with having one of these as part of your team!

Restorative 3




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