Strengths Spotlight: Responsibility

by Shannon Boulanger – New Student and Family Programs

39c1222When I started my position here at BSU one of the first things I was asked to do was to take the Strengths Quest assessment to find out where I fit in our office “Team Talent Map.” It was not surprising to me that Responsibility was one of my top 5. I feel that this is something that I not only apply professionally but personally as well.

Taking responsibility to me means taking ownership of something or someone. Professionally I am responsible for tasks given to me by the 3 pro-staff members I work with, which at times gets to really add up, personally I am responsible for my family, children, home, and all things that go along with those responsibilities. I know how to make things happen and what steps have to be taken to complete a task. I believe I really applied this talent when we became an office. Collectively all four of my co-workers, including myself came from different backgrounds and different offices.   We had to learn quickly how to work together due to the fact we became an office right as the Orientation season was kicking off. I was then responsible not only for the closing out of our old office but also learning about a whole new program. I had to think on my feet and learn as much as I could about a program that I really knew nothing about in a very short period of time. I continued to apply the things I learned and started to gain a broader understanding and knowledge that was the base of what I currently use today. As a person who sometimes finds themselves alone in the office due to programs and meetings, I feel it is my responsibility to know the answers to any questions that might be asked of me, I try my best to avoid the dreaded “I don’t know,” and strive to be as helpful and resourceful as I can to the person on the other end of the phone. In a blog post by Travis Bennett titled “Being Responsible: Makes Your Life Better” he states that “A responsible person is one who can be trusted to act without needing strict supervision, because they are accountable for their own behavior” this describes me perfectly, I take pride in always knowing what’s going on and knowing how to do my part.

As with every strength, there is usually a negative associated with it. As the responsible person in a situation I try to make sure everything is done to the best of my ability and strive for perfection, which can sometimes add unnecessary stress. Strengths Quest points out that with this particular strength a person may have a “near obsession for doing things right.” In the office and at home, people know that I am organized to the extreme, I notice when pens go missing or if a magnet was put on the wrong side of the refrigerator.   I can’t relax until tasks have been completed or everything is in its place. Something that I tend to struggle with is finding balance in what I’m responsible for. I fully admit to taking on too much, or thinking I can do more than I actually can. In these situations I find it hard to ask for help or admit when I can’t complete everything. This is a constant struggle for me and something I do strive to find a balance with.

In the end being responsible to me is a very noble trait, I enjoy that whether it be at home or at work, or in any other given situation, people know that they can rely on me to get things done and to take full responsibility for these tasks no matter how big or small they might be.



About cindykane

Director of @BSUInvolved and interested in leadership and professional development strategies. Mom, scholar-practitioner, looking to make an impact!
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