Free Resource: NASPA/ACPA Updated Professional Competencies

NASPA and ACPA have just released the updated content resource for Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators.

This resource is a great document to assist you as an individual with planning your own professional development initiatives! Utilize this resource for a little self-assessment to then guide your conversations with your supervisor about areas of focus for the coming year.

In addition, the Professional Development Committee will be using these competency areas to frame future planning and selection of topics.

What areas of the revised competencies are you hoping the Professional Development Committee will be working on in the year ahead? 

We look forward to your comments!

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Free Resources: Student Affairs Live!

Those of you tuned in to professional development social media have probably already heard of this great resource.  “Student Affairs Live” is a part of the “Higher Ed Live” network and is partnered with ACPA in an effort to bring professional development topics right to your desktop.

A recent show caught my eye given a few of our departments are engaged in Program Reviews using the CAS Standards.

Check out this recent episode called “Raise your Standards” and learn more about the CAS Standards and how they can be utilized to improve professional practice.

Listen to this show on your desktop here:

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Free Resource: TED Talks

We could spend 10 posts on the topic of TED Talks alone!

This one caught my eye – How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings.

Save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings

(The part about conference calls is particularly hilarious!)

This humorous look at our struggle to manage meetings more effectively probably resonates with even the best meeting managers and participants.  The cure for MAS is within each of us!

Anyone have other resources for effective meeting management? Please share! 

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Not Quite Free Resource: Udemy

I’ve been exploring the world of online learning platforms for professional development and learned a bit about Udemy.

There’s a course coming up that ties nicely with our Strengths work on campus and I wanted to share that it’s only $9 until July 31! Talk about budget friendly pricing!

Check it out:

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Free Resource: Gallup’s Coaching Center

As a few of us are working through the certification curriculum for the Gallup StrengthsFinder this summer, I’ve spent more time exploring the many resources available for professional development around the use of the instrument itself as well as related resources.

Their coaching blog offers some helpful resources around strengths-based perspectives from outside of specific applications in higher education.  Their most current blog post offers great reminders about the use of StrengthsFinder in hiring decisions and the importance of NOT using it as a selection tool.

Read this post and explore other resources here –

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Free Resource: ACPA Video Library

Whether or not you are an ACPA member, you can access their video library!

The latest video is from Gavin Henning, ACPA President, who discusses the external demands for college completion alongside the reality of what it means to complete a college degree. In addition to the latest video, there are three “specialty channels” titled:

  • Racism Channel
  • ACPA 2015 Convention Channel
  • Digital Leadership Channel

Check it out here:

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Tech Tuesdays: Creating Screen Capture Videos


On behalf of the Student Affairs Technology Committee, we are pleased to be offering professional development on various technology topics every Tuesday this summer, thanks to the Atomic Learning platform that BSU has a license for! Atomic Learning is an online learning platform that you can access at your own convenience.

Consider the amount of written content our offices produce each year to inform, educate, or explain the various programs, services, and processes we all provide. While this content is important to provide the BSU community, one must consider other ways to present this content in more engaging ways, particularly through the use of video. This is critical because, according to a white paper by Cisco (2015), video consumption will account for 2/3 of all internet traffic by 2019. It is no wonder that YouTube is the second largest search engine the world!

One way to create valuable video content for students is to develop “screen capture” videos for online process related information or for tutorials utilizing a presentation. Some examples include Residence Life and Housing’s “Preparing for Room Selection“, BSUlife Integrated Marketing’s “How to Fill Out a Marketing Request Form“,  and New Student and Family Program’s “How To Register for Orientation“.

Today, we want to show you how to create these screen capture videos through the Atomic Learning platform.  In order to access the Atomic Learning platform, please click here to log in FIRST, before clicking below. Once you are logged in, click the following modules:

  • Jing: Under section “B”, the first tutorial video will teach you about Jing and how it may be used to create your screen capture video. This may be used on the PC or MAC. After this tutorial, and after a few more tutorials….  give Jing a try!
  • QuickTime: If you are a MAC user, QuickTime is the easiest way to create a screen capture video. After exploring the Atomic Learning section of QuickTime, check out this other tutorial.

Once you’ve created your screen capture video, you have a few ways of publishing them for folks to use:

  • YouTube: If your department has a YouTube channel, upload the screen capture video file to YouTube and share the link to the video on your website, in emails/email signatures, etc.
  • BSUlife Integrated Marketing: If you would like the Integrated Marketing Team to add an intro, caption it for accessibility, and add it to our BSUlife YouTube channel, simply fill out an Integrated Marketing Form and send us the video file!
  • Cloud Based File Sharing: Upload the video file to DropBox or Google Drive and share the public link with those you need to share the video with.

With screen capture videos, you can now:

  • Put all of your student and staff trainings that involve a powerpoint presentation online for consumption ahead of your official in-person training time! Add in pre and post assessments and you’ve got a different way of delivering this content!
  • Teach people how to navigate your online websites. Show them where things are located that you may have already written/listed out!
  • Make your presentations POP by embedding screen capture videos instead of screen shots images in your powerpoint/prezi/keynote slides to help drive important points home to your audience.

We hope that this tutorial inspires you to create a bunch of screen capture videos to augment department’s written and image based information!

Tech Tuesday’s will return next Tuesday with a tutorial on how to start your department’s blog utilizing the WordPress platform!

How will you use screen capture videos in your BSU Student Affairs work?

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